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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by watson10, Sep 6, 2015.

  1. watson10, Sep 6, 2015
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    A few questions:

    Are the different GSM bands (1800, 1900, etc...) for cell calls and data? or are there different bands used for cell and data?

    Which brings me to why I'm concerned. I desperately need a new iPhone. I'm buying a 6S when they arrive here in the US. But, I'm moving to the UK in a few months. I won't have time to wait for the sim-free model to come out (unless Apple releases them at launch). So my plan was to buy a T-Mobile phone from Apple as it seems they are basically unlocked. Are the bands of the T-mobile phone from Apple the same as the sim free?

  2. rigormortis, Sep 7, 2015
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    the only difference is Sprint.
    as far as CDMA bands, every single iPhone 6 has CDMA enabled., even an AT&T model.

    the t-mobile iPhone 6 and 6 plus right now is AT&T, verizon, and t-mobile compatible.
    at first this phone , verizon wouldn't let you activate the sim card, but they would allow you to use a sim card you already had. this changed 2 weeks ago and now verizon allows this phone.

    the Sim Free model includes everything in the T-mobile one , it will work on AT&T and verizon and t-mobile PLUS sprint. and it has 4 extra sprint spark channels (bands)

    the sim free was white listed for verizon and sprint back in january. between january and august you had to buy this model to officially get verizon. this is no longer the case. you only need the sim free if you want sprint.

    so you get 16 bands on the T-mobile unlocked and 20 bands on the Sim free.

    i hope this helps you

    as far as whats planned with the 6s, we will have to wait and see.

    when i say t-mobile iPhone 6 i mean the phone you actually buy from apple directly. if you go to a t-mobile store and get the t-mobile phone 6 it will be carrier locked

    do not buy any iPhones from AT&T , sprint , or t-mobile stores full price because they will be locked.
    and you will have to ask them to unlock you
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    Jun 11, 2009
    some people think the new iPhone 6s will have the same 16 or 20 bands
    some people think this will be apple sim
    some people think that maybe there will be just 1 iPhone
    who knows. stay tuned! we will all know soon
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    Jun 11, 2009
    because all iPhone 6 and 6 phones are identical ( 16 or 20 bands ) the only difference is the phone carrier.
    phone carriers carry lists like 80s computer hackers and girls in elementary school. they love to make lists. and their lists are just lists of iPhone serial numbers they like. and when you go to the store they open their notebook and check their lists like we check our facebook friends and see if we like that serial number

    other then that, if its unlocked, its identical. IDENTICAL!!!! IDENTICAL!!!!!

    unless they're haters like sprint.

    hopefully what Verizon did will influence sprint to do the same

    the older iPhone 5 and 5s phones made choosing cdma vs gsm voice important. but the iPhone 6
    changed the rules. people used to argue and say don't buy the sprint model because you can't use it over seas because no one uses cdma outside the united states. now all those people are all unemployed because every single iPhone 6 is now a cdma device
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    For 3G, it will work. The question is LTE.
    Keep an eye on this information page form Apple themselves, listing the model number and the carrier LTE support.

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