A Little help before I buy...


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Oct 6, 2006
Toronto, Canada
Okay...I was close to buying a MacBook today but the store I was in was out of stock (Of the black one). Now I've done a little research and I'm finding more and more problems with it with every click of various topics. I'm stanting to get cold feet with this. I was planning to go back to get one at the end of the month but I don't know now.

What are some of the MAIN problems that people are dealing with? Should I just pony up for a Pro model? Do they have any problems? If someone can give me the coles notes version of the regular MacBook, I'd love it...

And sorry if this has been asked before...I've been poking around and I didn't really turn up with anything I could use...

Thanks in advance...


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Aug 5, 2005
1. If you must buy, buy it from the online store under the SAVE section (for refurbished units)
2. An update is due any Tuesday now, so it is actually.. to put it bloody bluntly.. damned foolish to pay full retail on these now, hence 1)
3. If you need the nicer graphics performance get the Pro, if you need portability get the non Pro. CPU wise they don't differ that much.
4. Refurbs get the added bonus of actually having a real person check the machine through before it is sold to you, unlike the rest of the machines that barely survived through that assembly line in Shanghai, so it is another perk to get refurb.


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Jan 18, 2005
Alta Loma, CA
I have a MacBook Pro and a Mac Pro. My Wife has a Mac Mini and a MacBook.

Honestly, you have a 50/50 chance of having some type of problem.
the Mini and Mac Pro both came 100% perfect.
The MacBook Pro came as a 15", was replaced and then sold and replaced with a 17" which was then replaced because of the display being floppy.
The MacBook was replaced because the Firewire port didn't work, but I think that was my fault. (defective external drive)

I did expect problems with the Mac Pro, as it was a brand new model when I ordered it, but it arrived perfect.

The 15" MacBack Pro's were not defective, but the noise that they made was annoying to me. When it wouldn't go away, I sold it and bought the 17".