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Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by TheCubedXbox, Aug 31, 2006.

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    Well I'm buying a Macbook Pro in the next couple days to next couple weeks depending on the responses I get here. I could really use one right now but I am able to wait until the next revision, if it gets here in mid september. But I am a student and I dont have an iPod *gasp* so the student deal sounds really good right now with getting a 30GB for only $90. If I end up buying one now I can only afford the base model and I wanted to know if I'll be missing out on a lot by only having 128MB VRAM instead of 256. I plan on loading windows and playing Half-Life 2 and some other games but nothing huge like Oblivion. So do you think it is worth me waiting for the next revision in hopes that prices might possibly come down and everything gets bumped to 1GB of RAM and at least 256 MB VRAM or should i go ahead and order one now if I'm not going to be missing that much on the preformance end, RAM specs not withstanding as I will upgrade that regardless. Thanks for your help!
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    The next revision won't be too much of a difference if you do the basic stuff now like word processing, websurfing, gaming, and emails. Also, they say that the next chips will only boast a 15-20% increase. Personally, I don't see that as a big enough reason to wait. If performance raised above the 50% mark, then yeah... its a good reason to wait. But if you want to have the latest and greatest, then waiting would be best off.
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    I'd hang on for a week or two, as the offer for the ipod is still on then, and the new ones should have been released. However you many win the lottery or something, so you can but the 17"!!! ;)

    I'm in the same boat as you. No iPOd either *Shock*

    I've had an Archos for years, and updating that every now and again, but i've sold one and not replaced it last time.

    I was watching video's and DVD's on the go, way before the ipod!! :)
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    there is a post on this site somewhere that shows the benchmarks done on the new mermon (core 2 duo) for notebooks. It really only boasts an over all 10-13% increase in speed due to the limiting speed of the frontside bus. And the bus speed won't get any better till the santa rosa chipsets comeout. So most likely right now it will just choke over the bus if it was upped to mermon, and wouldn't really matter if you got one now or later. If you want to order now, go for it. Mermon won't be a great change. But if you are willing to wait a few weeks and skip the ipod deal you could do that also. There are no guaruntees that they will include the new macbook pros in as being eligible for a free ipod :)

    but if you care about 64bit processing a lot then wait for sure, cause mermon will be 64bit and yonah isn't. :p
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    thanks a lot guys, i guess I should have included that i am a communications major and will be doing video editing on it. I can see what you all mean though with it only being a 15% preformance boost so that shouldn't effect me much anyway. I think I'll probably wait until after the supposed Septermber 12th thing that is going to go down or whatever because if they annouce the new ones there and still include it in the iPod deal, i can have the best of both worlds. So thanks a lot for all the advice!
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    Mar 24, 2006
    Personally I still don't think they'd release merom until AFTER the promotion ends...as I've said this before. Would they not want to get rid of as much old stock as they possibly can before the new range?
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    Jul 10, 2006
    You solved your own problem already, if you need it now, buy it now. And since you are a college student you should be in class now or about to go to class which means you need it. Plus being a college student you should be able to make your own decisions by now. You don't need us to tell you what to do.
  8. I'mAMac macrumors 6502a


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    Do you absolutley need a laptop? If you doing video editing you would be better off with the iMac. :)
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    Jul 24, 2006
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    I second that.

    But if you are going to get a MBP I'd say it can't hurt to wait, it sounds like Merom actually will make a noticeable difference for what you are planning to do with your computer. If you want the iPod rebate though, you might want to buy it now. No guarantees that new MBPs (if announced) will ship immediately, and there is only 4 days between the Paris keynote and the end of the rebate.

    Current MBPs are great machines though, I have one and couldn't be happier.

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