A little iPhone nostalgia from 7 years ago

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The long and short, this is from ARS Technica after the iPhone was released and includes Steve Ballmer's comments about how it was going to fail. Suffice it to say, the iPhone lasted longer than Ballmer!

But just as good is the comment from the ARS writer, Joel Hruska, who said:
Joel Hruska said:
If it lives up to the hype, the iPhone will have an impact on the industry, spawning many "me-too" products, and giving Apple's profits a nice boost. Beyond that? The iPhone is going to have difficulty gaining significant market share at a $500 price point.
Ha, ha, the joke's on you Joel!

Any other "good" comments from 7 years ago?


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Sep 22, 2012
Well, to their credit, it did have problems gaining significant market share at that price point, hence the $200 price drop a couple of months after launch.
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