a long time!!


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Jul 19, 2006
I ordered my 2.66 last tuesday and still have not got it. This is killing me, and to top it all off. My pc that I am replaceing with the mac pro just died last night so iv got nothing. I think its cuz im in canada that its taking so long but god I want it now..


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Aug 14, 2006
online store

I find the online store a real drag. I much prefer walking into the shop on Regent Street. I enjoy a tangible product and the joy of talking to the staff and knowing that they really dont know jack sh%^! It's lovely for the self esteem.
Anywaaaay... everytime I decide to order something online I have to email them a photo of my credit card bill, drivers license etc... and they usually request this a few days after they recieve the order. It drives me mental. According to the math, my Newton should arrive this week. Ha ha ha.