A month with the iPhone 6, after a Nexus 5. My thoughts...

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by DavidG328, Apr 2, 2015.

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    Warning: Semi-long. Sorry.

    So January of 2014 I received a Nexus 5 as a gift from my girlfriend. Went from the iPhone 4 to the Nexus, so it seemed like a dream. It took some getting used to, having been so used to iOS for so long. I loved it. Snappy, had a great camera, the back button was in a convenient spot, and the screen size was perfect for me. At the time I was midway in to my computer science program, so it was fun trying to practice developing apps for it.

    Over time, I noticed the battery life started to fade, fast. It went from holding a charge, to having to be plugged in quite a bit. I had my hands on an iPhone 6+ at the time they were released, but AT&T didn't want to let me have an upgrade on my plan until March, even though I had an unlocked phone (I still don't get it). My girlfriend got a 6 after upgrading from the 5 at launch and loved it.

    March rolls around and while intoxicated my phone miraculously slips from my hands and makes its way towards a brick wall. Screen cracked = new phone time!

    I love this thing. It's fast. The screen is perfect, very close (if not the same size) as the Nexus 5. It charges fast...and I only have to charge it every couple of days (I get it, new phone, new battery). Without the case, it feels so comfortable in my hand, the problem that it just slips from my hands too easily so a case was necessary. I suddenly had access to all of those expensive apps I used to have on my old iPhone and iPad again! And the camera. There's my favorite part. The slo-mo video is awesome. Used it at the distillery I work at to take some slow video of things in action and it's awesome.

    I'm still getting used to the features of the new iOS, but I notice there are a few things that it's lacking. I miss that back button down at the bottom. That was so handy, I still find my thumb reaching for it only to be disappointed.

    Ok, so maybe just that one thing. That's literally my only complaint with the phone. This thing is perfect. Oh yeah, and I hate iTunes and iPhoto more than anything, I need to find a way to disable those popping up when I plug the phone in.
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    The back button is very convenient, but not aesthetically appealing. You can slide from the side of the screen to go back, which is pretty cool, but granted it's not as easy as simply pushing a button.

    iTunes and iPhoto, there are ways to disable them from popping up whenever you plug in the phone. Do a quick Google search and you'll find it.
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    Swipe left only works in certain apps, but doesn't help in getting out of an app, or moving from one app to another, or various other situations. While swipe works a majority of the time, it isn't as flawless as a back button.

    Since I use an iPhone, I realize that I have to do without, but if there was a back button on an iPhone, it would be just that much better. Wishful thinking on my part for now. Maybe someday in the future...

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