"A new iCloud Security Code must be created"???

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    Last night my Notification Centre on my MacBook alerted me that with the message "A new iCloud Security Code must be created".

    I've never received a message like this before about the iCloud Security Code.

    Is it genuine? Do I ever need to worry about such things coming through Notification Centre?

    I haven't recueved this alert on my iPhone but iMessage just stopped sending messages until I enter my AppleID password even though I haven't logged out out or turned of iMessage recently.

    As far as I can tell there haven't been any changes on my two devices.

    The alert popped up three times on my MacBook last night but there is nothing about it in the Notification action Centre now and I haven't seen if appear now that my MacBook is switched on again.

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    Yes I looked at that earlier but I wasn't sure it applied because the iPhone is up to date and the message returned on my MacBook after I installed the latest updates - and it says in the article that updating the OS means you don't have to change the code.

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