A NOTICABLE Diff. b/w nTB i7 vs 2.9 TB?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by theturtle, Dec 30, 2016.

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    Contemplating on returning my 2.9 tb for a 2.4 i7 ntb model. Both come out to 2199. TB leaks at battery and trying to figure out if the nTB would be ALOT better in battery even though the battery is only like 5 watts bigger.

    I know on paper there are a few differences.
    1. Faster ram on tb
    2. tb model can power more monitors I think
    3. More ports

    Other than that, is there anything I should be aware? Any cons? Im looking to only get the experiences of people who HANDLED BOTH. I know there seems to be zealots on both sides of the fence who says "mine is better blah blah blah" so looking for people that had a good hands on time with both.
  2. deany, Dec 30, 2016
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    I guess you have 15"
    They are discussing this recently on this thread that may help re battery comparison ntb v tb

    The GeekBench figures are here
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    He might be referring to the 2.9 base clock 13" tb.
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    the ntb i7 is a Intel Core i7-6660U @ 2.4 GHz, benching on average at 3866 on Geekbench.
    the tb i5 is a Intel Core i5-6267U @ 2.9 GHz, benching on average at 3773.

    So, almost no difference in terms of perfs.

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