A Powerbook that goes to sleep every 10 seconds HELP!

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by agentphish, Jan 25, 2007.

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    Sep 7, 2004
    Hello there,
    My roomate as a powerbook g4 1.5ghz, it had been running 10.4.8. The computer will go into sleep mode randomly about every 10-15 seconds.
    Doesn't matter what program he's using. If he leaves the comp off for a
    few hours, it wont do it for a while and he can use it.

    Only thing we've found online is that people had that problem when they
    had faulty trackpads/trackpad sensors. But we don't think that is the issue we weren't getting an error message as they were in the console when it would occur.

    We called a local mac shop and they said it'd be 100 bucks to diagnose
    the problem, and probably it sounded like he would need a new logic board for another 700 + Labour.

    A friend at school had the Apple Service Diagnostics 2.5.8 boot disk. He told us to give it a shot rather than paying the 100 bucks to get it "checked out" as it would most likely tell us what, if anything was wrong. We ran it, all hardware and software tests passed w/o any errors.

    We even tried doing a full format and reinstall of OS X 10.4.1, it got through the install proceedure, and it seemed to be working ok for about 30 minutes, then suddenly the problem started again! So I that makes me think its not software related...

    So so far two software "tests" and one full ASD hardware test got us nowhere.

    Wondering if you have any suggestions? He's tried a lot of stuff he
    found online, but nothing has worked. Such as resetting all the varous
    rams and sensors and PMU.

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    To tell you the truth the $700 Apple wants to charge for the logic board is a good price, you can't find one new online for less than 600 and it's a real pain to install so just let them take care of it. I think it is the logic board, but I'm no expert and the hardware passed the test so I'm out of ideas.

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