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Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by blb0202, Sep 9, 2011.

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    Hello, I have been a viewer of MacRumors for years and I never found it worthwhile to contribute myself, but after a terrible incedent this week, I thought I should share. I recently purchased a brand new Macbook Air 13" about two weeks ago. I baby my products...truly; I carry a microfiber in my pocket and a larger one in my bag. Anyways, I was getting out of my vehicle to go into my internship and I dropped my bag with my perfect Macbook Air. Yet, the drop was so non dramatic, that I didn't even check it. After I got home from my internship, I found a very noticeable dent on the top right corner and the left side of the top case. I was pretty horrified.

    So, I decided to google some advice about what to do, and every forum, blog, and community all echoed the same thing, "cosmetic damage is not covered under Applecare or your 1-year warranty." So, I felt like I would have to either live with this dent or try to sell and recoup. But, I found one story that suggested to at least go in to the Apple store and see what they can do. So, subsequently I make a genius appointment and decided to see what they could do. I was completely honest and emphasized that this was my mistake and they had no reason to help me in the slightest. The "genius" looks at me and starts doing some paperwork and never mentions money in any way. He then tells me that they would fix my computer and not charge me a dime! I was blown away and the quoted price was over $600. So, I know I've written a dissertation, but I hope my story can help someone who is looking for any dealing with this type of issue and a possible solution. I just picked up my computer and it looks just like it did the days leading up to my accident; Altogether, Apple is an amazing company who understands that the value of a lifelong customer (which I was anyway) is far greater than a nominal charge.
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    I had a similar experience with my shiny new iPad 2. A few weeks after getting one I dropped it and cracked the screen. I took it in and told them "I dropped it" expecting I'd have to buy a new or refurb one. They cheerfully replaced it for free. They didn't have to, but they did.

    Now I'm a Mac user. Go figure. :rolleyes:
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    I have never had the need to ask, then again I have never has an Apple product fail or be defective in over twenty years :cool:

    Apple`s open mindedness to their customers is on a completely different level to the majority of other tech companies, I have never heard of any other company that will offer this level of support and I completely agree that this brings a lifelong relationship.

    I have PC`s and use them, however my primary machine will always be a Mac. People comment on Steve Jobs and his "Distortion Field" but you can bet your bottom Dollar that this open policy of helping customers it straight from the man himself...


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