A Program that can help practice typing?


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Dec 23, 2006
I know for windows there is Micro Type Pro, but is there anything for free for macs that can help teach you to type? I wanted to teach my mom how to type since she is on the computer all the time.


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Jul 4, 2007
Santa Cruz, CA
I wanted to learn hot to type DVORAK so I searched endlessly for a free way to learn that but I finally found there are no free typing tutors on mac. But, I gave in and payed for Master Key. Its $20 but so worth it. Very good typing tutor in my opinion. I can't say I learned DVORAK because I started but then lost interest, but I was learning very fast...


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Jan 24, 2005
St. Louis, MO
The thing that helped me learn to type more than anything else was instant messaging. I took a keyboarding class in high school, and had typed tons of papers, but it wasn't until I really started IMing people that I could touch type with any kind of speed. So, I vote you just spend endless hours IMing your mom from across the house. :)