A quarter of a billion iOS devices

Discussion in 'iPad' started by FloatingBones, Aug 26, 2011.

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    In the July 19, 2011 conference call after Apple's Q3 results were announced (highlights here), Apple noted that 33 million iOS devices had been sold in the quarter and that a cumulative total of 222 million iOS devices had been sold. Apple's Q3 ended on June 25, 2011.

    Apple has 28 million devices to sell to get to the quarter-billion mark -- a target it will certainly hit this quarter. With a reasonable expansion of iPhone and iPad sales, Apple may well have already hit the 250M mark. Apple cannot talk about such numbers now; we will have to wait until mid-October to get the official tally.

    What is the impact of this huge number of iOS devices? The biggest impact seems to be for Flash. Since Flash websites cannot be directly accessed by iOS users, websites are under increasing pressure to deploy non-Flash solutions. What other areas does the large number of iOS devices have a decisive impact on the web and on computing in general?
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    Mobile-friendly or iPad-friendly websites. Developer support. Many apps are either iOS exclusives or come out first on iOS devices and then Android.
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