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    Hello Dear Friends,
    It's nice to meet you here and since I'm working for a hydropower construction company and our company has undertaken a 400 Mil USD project in Laos, with a time duration of 6 years to build the diversion tunnel, head race tunnel, generation pit, spiral case, concrete face rock fill dam, powerhouse, switch yard, head-pot yard, and control building etc.. That we're now negotiating with the project Employer for nearly 2 year! During this time both parties encountered some issues either technical, contractual or financial, thus I'd like to pose these issues here and hear from your opinions, thanks!

    1. The international standard contract for construction is FIDIC, but in the condition of Contract, the Employer's put way too many other rules and contiguously varied the content after biding opening, are we entitled to claim for extra costs?

    2. The normal defects liability period runs only 1 year while in this contract, it's 2 years and covers not only civil works, also steel structure and hydrolic-mechanic equipment, and the Employer rejected our request to increase the costs, is it fair?

    3. The Employer always claims that this project is a project-financed project, which means it needs unconditional assignable and on-demond bank securities for performance and advance payment, in a amount of 40 Million USD! And once this project gone into trouble, the Employer can assign and transfer this contract to one of the Financial parties and they'll evaluate the statues of the project at that time to allow them to see if they'll further continue this project or not. Is it standard?

    Any one of you understands what I'm saying, please send me feedback or through deutschjacky@yahoo.cn. Thanks a lot and it'll help a lot!
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