A rather disturbing video of a G4 being destroyed

Anonymous Freak

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Dec 12, 2002
Just out of curiosity...

While he said that it was still working before hand, we don't know for sure.

For example: My own experience with a dead Classic II.
(It had a dead motherboard, the screen was already broken; the memory and hard drive had been removed, and I didn't feel like making a Macquarium. All pieces were recycled afterward. Also please note that it is a well used PC that was used as a stand.)

And the guy that destroyed the G4 is now co-host of the video Podcast 'Diggnation', one of the first that was available on the iTunes Podcast directory.


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Aug 10, 2005
lilstewart92 said:
OI, people do cry so don't be suprised.

it is ok to cry. for me, one tear of hatred came out of my eyess and down to my chin when watching that guy.


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Aug 5, 2005
I for one thinks that the turd in the video is a ***** until he can prove me wrong by smashing up either a Rev-E 17" PB or a G5 Quad! :p

It takes great testicular fortitude for a man (or otherwise) to be able to do an act that heinous!


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Jan 11, 2002
Los Angeles
steelfist said:
OI, people do cry so don't be suprised.

it is ok to cry. for me, one tear of hatred came out of my eyess and down to my chin when watching that guy.
Um, yeah, take some anger management courses or something. If all it takes for your hatred to spew fourth is a guy beating bashing a insignificant hunk of metal, plastic, and silicon w/a bat you might have issues.



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May 5, 2005
Maybe some people should quit being such girls. IMO. It was one computer out of millions, and it was done to prove a point. If you cry watching a computer getting destroyed, I really pity for you when you watch ford test vehicles and wreck those. Will you do into depression. Yeah we like macs, but seriously dont crap your pants over an old machine.


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Nov 17, 2003
Des Moines,Iowa
well i would like to speak for all of macrumors members that have been here for a while now. we are not girls, we just have a overbearing/strange love for macs. and when so retard smashes up a perfectly good g4 tower, that is just wrong/sad. that computer could have been put to good use. i can myself that i never smashed anything mac ever. i have smashed old non-working pcs, but thats all


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Nov 17, 2003
Des Moines,Iowa
Morn said:
Ohh come on, it's not even considered a vintage mac yet.
doesnt matter wether its vintage or not. even if it was a blue/white g3 or begie or g5 tower i and most everyone on here would say the same


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Jan 6, 2004
There is something that I don't get about this video.

I know a multitude of people who would love to beat the hell out of thier Windows-based PC's.

I know no one who wants to beat thier Mac to death.


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Oct 4, 2004
Oslo, Norway
I´d like to try that with my fathers old PC, one swing and it would be nothing left. I was amazed how much beating it could take.
Bet he wouldn´t have the strength to wreck a G5:rolleyes:


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Oct 6, 2005
grrr...well, it probably lived a good life, and most of it's innards were ok, i only saw the motherboard...it's still sad. We would have taken it in a heartbeat.


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Sep 13, 2003
i use to feel that's what i would have to do to my G4 tower to justify buying a new one .... LOL 6 years running --- it outlived my Studio display ... it's okay ... i love my LACIE ... LOOOOOOOVEEEE ... CRT FOR LIFE --- LCD ... PFFF

law guy

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Jan 17, 2003
Western Massachusetts
semaja2 said:
GUYS GUYS you need to see the rest of it, they were PROVING how STRONG the g4 case is, hence they said it was cheating when he opened the side of it

this was not just some stupid waste, they guys that run the show actually own macs and use them
Thanks - that makes some sense. Good to know they were all mac users. The good durability of the case was what struck me when I watched it. My G4 does feel like a bit of a tank.


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Nov 7, 2005
Pittsburgh, PA
Hahahaha. I love how many tries it took him to actually break the case open or to cause any real damage. He actually had to wait for the case to open to cause anything that would make it not work.

Great video. Although it makes me fear for my Sawtooth's life ;)