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Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by itsjustmeee, Jan 15, 2013.

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    From reading the blogs here for a number of years, I know there's quite a few people that have been looking for the same thing that I have .... a way to protect your iPhone in the most minimalist, lightest least obtrusive way. Right now, I have a very thin, clear plastic case that has just enough lip on the front that allows me to lay my iPhone down face and not worry about scratches. This got me thinking and I came up with a very basic, simple idea. Why isn't there a company that makes small clear, slightly raised silicone "feet" or dots to put on the 4 corners of the iPhone to protect it? They could be very minimalistic, see-through that would just raise up the iphone enough and would barely be noticed. Since they would also be rubber or silicone, it would prevent the iphone from sliding around. You would just peel off the bottom and stick them on. I'm sure that they would have to have some sort of stronger adhesive to stay on the glass front but it seems doable. This obviously wouldn't protect from a drop but I think there's enough of us non-droppers out there that just want to lay our phones down and not worry about scratches or them sliding off a table.

    Has anyone seen or heard of a product like this before?
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    I'd assume that this would come down to design. While there might be a small market for just the 'feet', I believe most people are looking for a bit of personality in their case. Wouldn't you agree? Don't get me wrong, I'm a minimalist too, but I prefer a greater degree of protection. Anyone else have thoughts on this idea?
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    You can buy self adisive clear rubber dots. You get them with self build furniture so that the door doesn't close against the frame. Is that the kind of thing you mean? Not really sure why this would be better than a film protector on the back or more minimalist though?
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    LOL thats not protection
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    Basically, I'm thinking something very much like those but small enough to where they wouldn't be that noticeable and just raise the phone up enough to keep the face and back from coming in contact with a table. Also I would guess it would need a better type of adhesive so it sticks better. And for me, it's a better solution than a screen protector. I've had 5 iphones now and only one had one screen protector. I just like the way the iphone looks without one ... no bubbles, no orange-peel surface, no having to hassle with putting them and as perfectly as possible, etc.


    For certain people it would be.
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    Yes, I thought of that...see my post 20 for the iPhone 5 click here

    And the thread that I started there. The phone does not move at all on a table, even at an angle!

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