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Nov 14, 2017
Hey gang,

There’s still a healthy debate regarding whether or not an iPad is a “real” computer. In my opinion it absolutely is. Thought I’d share how I use it for video production on my YouTube channel.

Some pros:
Fast, silent, and easy to carry with you.
Manipulating video timelines with touch and/or Apple Pencil is very intuitive.
With iOS 11 & the files app, it’s easier than ever before to manage your media.
Professional-level apps are gaining momentum, like LumaFusion (being heralded as Final Cut Pro for iOS).
Easy to upload video directly within Safari.

Some cons:
iMovie is easy to pick up, but severely limited in editing capability and export options.
You’ll need a few extra dongles to transfer video from other sources (USB camera adaptor and SD card reader).

Here’s a quick video for those who are interested!

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The Samurai

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Dec 29, 2007
i've said this before and i'll say it again:

Both (Mac & iPad) will take me from A to B. One will make you jump hurdles (iPad) in order to do so but you will get to your destination [eventually].

Specifically to video, I edit a lot of footage on FCPX and can not stand using the iPad for longer than a few minutes due to the input method (touch). In addition to this, all the current software is basic when it comes to video editing. Lumafusion has some but is not there yet and I suspect it won't get all the way their either. If your creating a home video, the iPad may just about do but when it comes to livelihood and doing it for a living - your going to get fired.

Your not going to see Hollywood or people with intense workflows (Adobe Premier or FCPX) give their desktop/laptops anytime soon.


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May 3, 2011
Agreed, for true Pro editing, the iPad is still too limited imho but for all my editing needs, I have switched to iPad Pro and Lumafusion which is a great combination and I can get good results very quickly.
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