A real iOS clean install option?

Discussion in 'iOS 8' started by volcom883, Dec 1, 2014.

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    bugs and lag issues have all been carried from my old iphones onto new ones. im getting an iphone 6 tomorrow and wanna finally sort out the issues. I read about putting the phone in a dfu mode or something...

    is there a real clean install option like i do in my mac? i dont mind the game data however i would like to transfer all my sms/imessages, whatsapp messages and photos onto the new phone. any way?

    or do i have to back up my data, put the brand new iphone 6 in dfu mode and transfer my backup onto the new phone and thats it? will that solve the issues?

    thanks :)
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    I always a clean install when a new major new OS comes out. I just do the update, erase everything, then set it up like a new phone. I don't restore from backups - instead, I just install all my apps one by one (yes, it's a major pain in the ass, but I only have to do it once a year). Basically every app I have is cloud-enabled in some way I don't lose any data. My photos are all in Dropbox (you could also sync them back from your Mac.) You do lose SMS/iMessage history this way, which I never cared much about…
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    Yeah, enter DFU mode as described here. iTunes will then restore your iPhone with a factory image, nuking and restoring even the firmware of the device.

    You can transfer old app data via iCloud or file export via Mail or AirDrop, but other data and Messages need to be transferred via iTunes backup.

    I've never liked restoring a new phone from a backup, but I'm not sure if it is a truly "dirty" restore or if it just configures an otherwise new install with your old settings and data.
  4. Agent-P, Dec 2, 2014
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    A clean install would be to restore as new and start over from scratch. The closest thing to that without losing everything would be the following steps

    Before restoring:

    1. Set up iCloud sync for contacts, notes, etc

    2. Copy photos off device (either to computer or cloud storage such as Dropbox/OneDrive/iCloud Photo Library)

    3. Transfer purchases to iTunes (File > Devices > Transfer Purchases)

    4. Create an iTunes backup as your "just in case" fallback (and to be extra safe make an iCloud backup too)

    5. In iTunes go to Preferences > Devices and put a checkmark in the box to "Prevent Devices from Syncing Automatically"

    6. Follow the first half of the article at this link to begin the process of transferring your messages. This means finishing steps 1 and 2 of the linked article.

    Now you're ready to restore:

    7. Restore the iPhone using iTunes and choose "Set Up As New"

    8. Finish following the steps in the article linked in step 6

    9. Sign into iCloud and let it sync your contacts, notes, etc back to your device

    10. Use iTunes to sync your apps/music back

    11. For your photos you have a few options depending on where you transferred them/backed them up
    • If you transferred them to your computer you can leave them there or use iTunes to sync them to the device
    • If you uploaded them to Dropbox/OneDrive then you can either leave them there and use the app to view them or sync them back to the device locally
    • If you saved them to iCloud Photo Library they should reappear when you sign into iCloud
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    Well I believe you are overthinking it. A new phone will be "factory fresh" so no need for DFU and all that. A clean setup means manually setting up your email and settings and downloading your apps without restoring a backup of them. There is no need to DFU a brand new phone. Also to accomplish what you said later (transfer your old data) then you would restore the backup you have of that information. So you cant really claim a clean install AND restore old data as being the same. Restoring a backup can be successfully done if you want that data back. Sometimes performing a settings>reset>reset all settings afterwards will get you back to where you want to be IF you are having trouble after the restoration of your backup. Then you have your data but will have to manually run through the settings manually, setup wifi networks and wallpaper.

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