A reason why 3g is slow

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    A reason why someones 3g might be going slow is because the servers cant handle all the data with the new phones.

    So ever since I got my iphone 3g, ive noticed that the 3g speeds are quite slow (~150kbps). In my area, we have very good 3g coverage so I was kinda suprised. I called AT&T and they told me that it was because the high volume of new 3g users(iphone users) that meant the servers were having trouble and were slowing down. I decided to try my phone late at night (~11pm or midnight) when there was less usage and then I started getting around 500kbps.

    I suggest trying 3g speed tests when usage would be low like late at night. (iphonespeedtest.com is decent for checking speeds)

    So, part or all of the problem seems to be with AT&T and not apple. AT&T needs to getting cracking on upgrading and expanding these servers.
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    oh I completely agree. You should try to call att and complain. Maybe then they will do something about it

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