A setup idea?


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Oct 28, 2001
San Luis Obispo, CA
I need some ideas for my setup. This is mine.

Before I can get a tighty setup, I need a new friggin desk. This one has jores (or however you spell it) on it, and it takes up too much room.

See, my idea was to get a new nice desk, maybe about 4 feet deep and about 6 feet wide.

Then get a marathon rack mount to mount my G4, on the far left side. And my brother has a ViewSonic 17in Flat Screen (not LCD) and so do I. He wants to get a 19in, and sell me the 17 in for 90 bucks. Now, then I could have dualie monitors.

Then, I would get 2 little brushed aluminum stands about 10 inches high, that are skinny, but open up into about a 8 inch in diameter circle, I could have one on each side of my desk, and put my speakers on em.

Then, I would route an SVideo or maybe a radio shak wireless transmitter from my computer to my 32in Mitsubishi TV in my room. From there, I would have my Wireless Keyboard and Mouse, and be able to make my bed (like a couch, like I have it now) and use the big TV!!!

Hmmm...and then....I think I would have to upgrade my speakers to either 5 piece Altecs, or those Cambridge System speakers, beacuse Alpha really stresses em
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