A Sick Dog, Perhaps

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by adk, Jul 6, 2009.

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    My friend is out of the country for a month and is boarding his dog at a kennel. He listed me as the emergency contact in case the dog gets sick. Today I got a voicemail from them saying "we noticed she's been drinking a lot of water." They asked if I wanted to authorize bloodwork and urine testing.

    The factors I'm considering:

    1.This dog is 14 years old and my friend told me to have her put down if anything serious happens.

    2.The people who run the kennel are also the dog's veterinarians. This makes me wonder if they're trying to take advantage of my position.

    3.How can you tell that a dog is drinking too much water on a hot summer afternoon?

    I'm not at all familiar with dogs or canine health, but my gut says that the dog is fine. Any inputs?
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    Your friends went out of town and left you as the contact in case something happened and gave you instructions to put the dog down if there are issues? And you agreed to be that contact?! Holy hell you're a better person than I am!

    Good point, but what is something is wrong. How long until the owners return?


    I say you call the owners and ask them because frankly it should be their call. Either your call will result in a larger bill than expected or a dead dog (in the event something in wrong).

    You need to let them know at least.
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    I have 3 Old English Sheepdogs who drink a lot of water. I fill the bowl 7-8 times per day. I guess it depends upon what kind of dog it is. If you've got the space and the time maybe you could take it in your own home. It's not too difficult to see if an animal is sick, you'll understand it's body language. Maybe let it out for a good walk or something. And I also believe putting a dog in a shelter has got to mess with their heads. All of a sudden the owner is gone and they're in a weird ass place. My dogs usually don't eat for about 2 days when I have people watch them at my house. That's something to keep in mind.

    So, yes. I do believe the shelter is looking at any and every possibility to have you pay for some bloodwork. "Oh no, the dog farted, run some bloodwork"
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    Go for the blood work or ask the owner what he wants to do. Better than you refusing it and then the owner wishing you did. Who knows maybe the dog is nervous.

    Dogs also drink different amounts of water. My old dog (German Shephard - Lab Mut) for instance would drink maybe 5-7 times a day. My new dog (pure bread black lab) drinks like 2x a day but for like minutes on end.

    14 is old for a dog. If the dog is in pain then put it down. If all its doing is drinking a lot of water, there is no need to take drastic measures.

    One simple way to see if a dog is sick is checking its tongue. If its pale it means the dog is sick.

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