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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by Christina1971, Mar 19, 2007.

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    I have the Airport Extreme Base Station, up and running with no problems. I have it set to create a "closed" network so that no one else in my area can see the network (I assume that's what that means.)

    Sometimes I turn off my computer's connection to the network to discourage myself from websurfing when I need to write papers. So when I go to sign myself back on, my Airport Utility claims it can't find any networks. No problem, I can remember my own network's name...but then I have to put in the password, by going to my Keychain and cutting and pasting in the 63-character password. It's a little laborious.

    Is there a way for my computer to tell the AEBS what the password is after I put in the network name? Or can I only avoid this by keeping my network open (the Macbook is able to jump right on and connect when I'm running in that mode.)
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    Let me tell you first off, I am also in the club of "people who turn off Airport when writing papers"

    Now, to more pressing issues...

    I think your AP card should find the network off the bat, and if it's connecting without trouble (with considerable signal) I'd say a AEBS reboot is in order. It's always good to give it a good reset, routers tend to slow down over time and a fresh internet experience is always fun.

    Other than that, I don't think keychain will auto-fill for a hand typed login to a network. I think that's only if the Airport card sees the network and is able to connect on it's own.

    Hope this helps you out...
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    System Preferences -> Network -> Double click Airport -> Airport tab

    1: By default, join preferred networks.
    2: Either add the network manually to the list below that, or click Options and then check "Automatically add new networks to the preferred networks list."

    If you do the first option under 2, then it should work immediately; otherwise, you have to join the network one more time, at which time it will add it to the list.

    After that, whenever the network is available, it should be found and joined (even though it's closed) without intervention.

    My network is closed / WPA2 / MAC filtered and I get automatic joins from it.
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