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Sep 14, 2009
What would the iPod family look like if built upon modern mobile ideas like interconnected devices communicating with bluetooth, and wearable devices ? Tech has shifted from the computer as the hub to the cloud. The device that holds all of our music is the iPhone, not our PCs. We've gone from iPod cables to bluetooth in all our devices. And soon in addition to devices in our pockets we have our wrists. By incorporating these changes, lets rethink the iPod family into wearable, smart, connected devices.

iPod Shuffle Band

The iPod Shuffle should be completely re-imagined. It should act as an easy to access device with buttons to control your music. Taking inspiration from the Nike Fuel Band, it will be worn on the wrist. It will have separate large play/pause buttons, forward, reverse, voice over and menu buttons. Again, inspired the Nike Fuel band it will include a 100 pixel screen for short amount of information and play position. The menu button, screen and voice over will help switch between music, shuffle, playlists, audiobooks and podcasts. It would also switch between controlling music on your iPhone or on the shuffle itself. Again, like the fuel band it would have a USB port to copy items manually.

iPod Nano Watch

The iPod Nano is often rumoured to act as a second screen device to the iPhone. It would be beneficial to show notifications such as email or SMS, would show map directions, music controls, and third party app screens such as work out information. iPod Nano could accept input via a swype like keyboard

What about physical button controls for the Nano ? Since the new iPod family is connected, control would be in conjuctions with the new iPod Shuffle. Link the two devices together, quickly select category and a particular item on the touch screen nano, then control it with the iPod Shuffle sitting on your wrist next to the Nano.

Headphones & Siri Whisper Tech

What if Siri could detect whispers instead of loud speech ? Whispering to our devices is far more intimate and less embarrassing then speaking out loud to them. The new headphones to control the iPhone or new iPod devices, since everything is connected the Siri Whisper tech could control the iPhone (ask Siri a question quietly, it is processed on the iPhone, the answer is shown on the Nano).

The iPod Family should work together, smartly. This rethink of the iPod devices gives them each a separate important function, while using their strengths while connected together.
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