A stand for lap use?


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May 15, 2011
East Coast, USA
i love my 12.9 iPad so much more without the case. I do most of my work on my lap and need the typing angle. Can anyone recommmend a portable non-obtrusive stand for the iPad that's would suitable for lap use and maybe some desk use?


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Apr 9, 2010
Prescott Valley, AZ
I have the same 128gb 12.9 iPad Pro. The case I use sits on my lap or a table. Overall, no complaints and the price was affordable. I got it on Amazon and it cost $16.95. There are plenty of cases on their website. The customer reviews helped me decide.

The OP was asking about a stand not a case.

Here's a lap desk, it's not a stand but it will work on the lap.

The Targus Space-saving chill mat is a bit pricier but looks like it could work both on the lap and desk use.
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