A T-Mobile Store Rep Ordered himself an iPhone 6 Plus On My Account


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May 27, 2012
South Bay, CA
tl;dr: I signed up for T-Mobile a month ago, I wanted the 6+ but then decided not to get it; the employee processed the order, changed the email address on file and my credit line is tied up. Store manager is following up and will call back tomorrow with his findings.


A month ago I made the jump from AT&T to T-Mobile. A week before the iPhone 6 came out, I went to the T-Mobile store by my job. I told the rep I wanted to order the 6+. He took the down my info and I got approved for up to 10 lines. I told him I had an iPhone 5 at the moment that I wanted to trade in. We went through the paperwork and he quoted me a trade in value of $200.

Just before we got to the part where I sign for my order he said I would be without a phone until the I got my 6+ since I was trading in my 5. I said I had changed my mind and could not be without a phone, the rep asked if I wanted to buy a cheap phone in the meantime or if I had another phone I could use in the meantime.

It was then I remembered I still had an old iPhone 4 laying around the house. I asked the rep what the trade in value for the iPhone 4 was and he looked it up and we were both shocked it was $200. I decided to cancel the iPhone 6+ order and just signed up for service with T-Mobile, we agreed that I would bring in the iPhone 4 at a later date so I could trade it in for the 6+ and place the order then. I originally wanted the unlimited data plan but I decided to try out going with 5gigs to see if I could make it; I had a grandfathered unlimited data plan with AT&T.

After the rep told me my what my monthly phone bill would be, I told him I would rather have the 3gig plan instead but he said that iPhone plans can only be on the 5gig plan, the 3gig plans are for "other" smartphones. Not wanting to wait around any longer I agreed to the 5 gig, that part is irrelevant now as I have unlimited data through the refer a friend promo.

A few weeks pass and I head in to the same store to take my iPhone 4. The rep who helped me the first time was off that day so I was helped by someone else. Rep number 2 looks up my info and asks me if I had previously ordered an iPhone 6+. I told the rep number 2 I had not and he informed me that my account showed an order for an iPhone 6+. Rep number 2 calls customer service and says that my order is stuck in limbo and that it wouldn't have processed anyway so they'll just cancel it and I would need to wait 24 hours for my credit line to show there was nothing ordered. Rep number 2 agreed to call me the next day to process my order over the phone. A day goes by and no phone call.

Two weeks went by and honestly I'd forgotten about it until my wife quipped that she was surprised I hadn't bought a new phone. On Saturday I walked into the same T-Mobile store this time helped by a third associate who tells me the same thing the second rep told me. I asked to speak to a manager who brushed me off saying that his employee had done nothing wrong. The manager and I went to the rep who had just helped me and he asked him to explain what had happened; afterwards he had the rep call the help desk. The new rep declined saying there was no point; after some back and forth the rep begrudgingly agreed to call.

After the rep got off the phone, he said my order was cancelled and he would call me back within 24 hours so I could place my order. I mentioned that he would be the third rep who has said he would take care of my needs and he acted offended and said he took pride in his work and he would certainly call me back.

Here we are today and of course I did not get a call back yesterday. Today, I called the store and asked to speak to the store manager. I was promised a call back within two hours. After the fourth hour I began typing an email to the CEO when my phone rang with a call from the store manager. He informed me that all three employees that had accessed my account were not working today and they had not returned his phone call when he called them and left them a VM.

The manager said he did not know the full details of what had transpired so I gave him a quick rundown. I asked him to pull up my info and see if my account still showed an order for an iPhone 6+, he said it did so he asked me if I had received an email confirming my order at my gmail address.

Whoa. Gmail? I don't use my gmail address for anything but spam; matter of fact I don't give it to anyone. He gave me the email address and it was not one that I recognized. The manager sighed. He said what likely happened is that the associate ordered the phone and had it sent elsewhere. I asked him if this was common and he said it wasn't common but it had happened before. I was shocked. He said he would follow up with customer service to get details on delivery address and tracking number and would call me back tomorrow by 1pm.

The manager asked if I had been a customer for a while, I told him I'd just joined 30 days ago and he apologized profusely and swore he would make this right for me; not sure what that means. But as it stands right now I want an iPhone 6 plus but I cannot order one until T-Mobile fixes this associates fraud/screw up.

Has anyone else had something like this happen before? I'll wait until tomorrow before I send off an email to the CEO.


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Apr 13, 2006
That's just terrible. I hope you get it cleared up soon. Also, how do you know the gmail account belongs to the tmobile rep? Anyway, good luck and keep us posted.


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Mar 7, 2011
Wooow... Sounds like they need a whole new management team; store manager on down. Seems like an acceptable culture there.