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Dec 7, 2017
I have a Wacom Intuous but I'm having a lot of driver issues for several months. Because of this... I tend to use only a mouse but I need to improve my skill with a tablet. So I decided to get a better one or maybe a tablet display like Cintique but I def no longer interested in Wacom products. Instead, I'm looking for alternatives and I wonder what you think about XP-Pen or Huion products?


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Jul 17, 2013
Orlando, FL
I had a Huion as my entry to the tablet world. If you really, really want driver issues, that's the tablet for you. Currently use the Intuous but would love something like the Cintique where have direct vision on screen and even better to leave overpriced Wacom behind. Considered upgrading iPad with pen 2, justifying the cost as the iPad would not be limited in it's application. Two difficulties with that, the pen is not designed for the variable pressures and angles responses required for digital painting, plus while initially excited about the new feature in IOS linking an iPad with a Mac (required to run Corel Painter), it doesn't appear to be that advanced for the highly detailed work. I might consider a Huion again as never tried the version competing with Cintique, and most Cintique interfaces have not been updated requiring a toggle for the obsolete/deleted interface to connect to a Mac.


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Jul 18, 2008
Glasgow, UK
I have a Wacom One it is cheap and I havent had any issues but I am not a heavy user, just a dabbler. YMMV