A tale of glue and Apple Care!

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    Hi guys!

    I thought I’d share a recent defect with my 15” rMBP, and also how Apple resolved it. I didn’t find much on this issue when searching online, so hopefully it helps someone out there identify a problem. Also, there are a lot of unhappy customers who post on these forums after a bad experience with Apple customer care (Which they should!). Hopefully my experience gives new buyers some evidence of the contrary.

    So I bought a rMBP 15” last October, and I’ve used it frequently in clamshell mode with a thunderbolt display ever since. After a month or so after it arrived, I noticed some condensation on the keys and brownish smudges on the screen when I opened it up from clamshell. I didn’t know what to make of it, and thought maybe steam from my coffee or possibly some other form of humidity was getting in there. The Mac worked fine, and other than the annoyance of cleaning off the keys and screen, there were no issues. I was also extremely busy this year, and just recently had time in my schedule to explore what this is.

    I ordered a screwdriver from ifixit a week or so ago, and then popped off the back of the Mac just today. The culprit was immediately apparent. The adhesive from the right and left heat sink covers was melting. In fact, it looked like freshly applied (wet) glue when I peeled the cover up. The sticky, wet stuff on the keys and screen I had been seeing for months was glue. This stuff was all throughout my rMBP internals as well!

    I quickly called Apple Care, set up and appointment for a local store, and head over. While they weren’t 100% cool on giving me a replacement, I firmly, though politely stated it was the only acceptable alternative. I wasn’t comfortable breathing in any vaporized adhesive, and was also concerned what this meant for the longevity of my machine.

    I left with a brand new 15” rMBP!

    For anyone who is unfamiliar with these parts, check out this link from iFixit.
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    Glad it worked out for you! Good point about breathing in those fumes, especially with your user name!
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    haha, good one!

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