A third alternative for running Windows XP on a Mac?


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Nov 24, 2005
Hi folks,

I read a very interesting article about a way to switch between linux and Windows XP by hibernating the current session in each OS, and moving to the other OS, thus still keeping the old session as it was. The article is detailed here:


I find this idea much more pleasing than the regular Boot Camp which basically asks you to reboot while shutting down the current OS. Plus, booting from hibernation is much faster than actually performing a restart, about 10 seconds only for Windows XP. The dream idea would be to have an option is both opearting system to switch between OS's simply, making the current session hibernated automatically, kinda like an more complicated way of doing a user switching.


That sure would make it a big step easier if switching between mac os and windows, although still like the idea illegalprelude has :D. A kool thing i found out about the parallels thing for running windows while mac os was that if you have dual monitors one can have full screen windows and one mac! now with the new macpro workstations, wouldn't it ROCK if you could just have dual monitors, each os gets a cpu or just being where you could run each os simotaneously, side by side, both natively, not one running through visualization like software.


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Feb 28, 2006
illegalprelude said:
it would be awesome if you could run both OS at one time. Considering we have dual core availible now, assigning each OS to a core with some form of easing tabing between the two
Is it not what Parallels workstation does ?