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Feb 22, 2012
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Hi Everyone,

Now that MS is updated, we can play with tweaks again as you all know. Which is wonderful :D. <3

There is a thread for specific iOS 7/Iphone 5s (and other 64bit) querries as well as one for iOS7/Specify device here. I think it would be more convenient for Iphone 5 users (myself included) to have a thread for our tweak and app questions that mirrors the iOS 7/Iphone 5s but is limited to iOS 7/Iphone 5 (and other 32bit) only.

So that is why I made this thread. If it's too much to use this thread too, then just ignore it. Or post that it's too much and I will close it. But if people wanted an iOS7/32bit thread to ask about tweaks and stuff where you won't have to look through or deal with people discussing Iphone 5s, I thought this was a good and helpful idea...

If people want this thread and post on it, I will try to keep the OP as up to date as I can with the results people find.

Totally :D

P.s. There is also this link which was posted in 1 of the other threads:
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