A Tip for Syncing the Order of Songs in Playlists with iTunes Match, iOS 8.4 and iTunes 12.2

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    After downloading iOS 8.4 and iTunes 12.2 this week almost all my playlists that sync through iTunes Match across all my devices ended up with the songs out of order. I'm kind of meticulous about keeping the songs in my playlists in order, especially those with various artists, albums, and genres. My preferred method of song organization is by song title, especially for the playlists with hundreds of songs by multiple artists. The fix is easy with OS X by just choosing how I want the playlist to be organized (i.e. song, album, artist). But those changes are not transferring to iOS or other OS X devices like they used to. After playing around with it a while I've found a couple of ways to make the systems play nice together.

    iOS devices seem to be syncing with one another. For example, if I edit a playlist on one iPad/iPhone it changes on all my iOS devices. This is nice if you have just a few changes to make, but if your playlist contains hundreds of songs out of order it doesn't make sense to arrange them song by song. iOS doesn't allow for organization by song, album, artist, etc yet.

    So if you are using iTunes Match and want songs in a playlist in a particular order on your iOS devices, this is the easiest fix I've found:

    1. In iTunes on a Mac or PC, arrange the playlist in the exact order in which you want the songs to appear in iOS. The changes will not translate over to the iOS device yet.
    2. Right click the name of that playlist in the sidebar and select Duplicate. You should have an exact copy of the playlist with the same name and a "1" after it.
    3. After a few moments that playlist should show up on your iOS device with the songs in the same order as in iTunes.
    4. You can now delete and/or rename the original playlist if you wish.

    Hopefully Apple will bring back the exact playlist syncing like before, but I hope this helps in the meantime.
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    This sounds like the same issue that iTunes Match has had from day one. Perhaps with Apple Music Apple will finally address this issue.

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