iPod touch A Tough Decision


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Aug 16, 2012
Toronto, Canada.
Hi folks,

I'm having a tough decision deciding what would be a better option for me. Had an iPhone 4S before and got an iPhone 5 recently. I had also gotten a 4th generation iPod touch 8GB for the gym last year. I really like the fact that I could run with it but it's not as heavy as the phone. Also because it had apps that allowed me to do interval training and what not. I dropped it recently and the screen had cracked (of course :mad:). I went to Apple Retail store nearby and they said that they would swap out the device for me for $99. Now I'm thinking, should I just put that $99 towards the new iPod Touch, not only because it will last me longer but also because it can hold more than 6GB of music. I'm currently at 5.25GB music. Or should I go for the 16GB at $199 instead. I'm not sure what to do, but I'd definitely love all your inputs. What would you do?

Please refrain from posting smart ass/troll comments. I'm just asking for a honest opinion.



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Oct 2, 2011
Bottom line: if you can afford it, get the new iPod Touch. You've already said you need more storage space. There is nothing you can do with an 8GB iPod Touch that will solve that problem.

If you can't afford the extra $100, then the entire issue is moot anyway.


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The new Touch is 32 gigs for $300. The 4th gen Touch is $200 for 16 gigs.

I'd go for doubling the capacity for the extra hundred bucks. Plus, you'll get a better and larger screen.

Only downside is that you'll have to wait a while for the fifth gen, but could get the fourth gen right now.

Decisions, decisions...


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Feb 4, 2008
Not sure what capacity you purchased for your iPhone 5 but that would be what I would have invested in. a 64GB iPhone that can take advantage of the GPS module for running and etc. But if you are still sold on having a touch, then the new one is a much better investment than old technology at a discount. Especially when its 2 year old technology.


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Jan 24, 2009
well you say you have an iphone 5, theres no need for an ipod touch 5g im my opinion if its just music go for the new nano in mi opinion but if you need some apps in the gym get the old ipod touch from craiglist or 16gb new ;) youre just going to use it for music and gym apps no need for duo core graphics or super nice camera only if theres alot nice ass in your gym lol
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