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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by LERsince1991, Jul 28, 2009.

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    Jul 24, 2008
    Lately I have got really worked up about the lack of standards and how the majority of things are poor quality. Ok that statement was very broad so lets get an example -

    Music - Theres how many different lossless formats? why? because each company wants their own... Get a standard which is widely supported! To mention a few .flac isn't supported in iTunes, really annoying. A great Artist called deadmau5 wrote about this here

    Its the same thing for everything, its all a complete mess! Everyones trying to improve on each others, everythings being pulled in different directions, so many unnecessary options which ultimately make matters worse when things don't support other things (file formats with programs).

    This is not just music I'm talking about, photography - Why are there so many different lossless formats again? so many variants of RAW files? Makes them standard, make them universal. Another example, roads, streets, whole cities networks are often a mess.

    I seriously believe there should be standards to simply the world! This would improve the quality of everything, improve peoples understanding of things as it would be simpler, everything would be tip top.

    Ok so its a big ambition and statement to make but it comes to down to people not working together, this is slowing down rates in which not only technology advances but the world!

    Imagine the possibility of being able to start from scratch and think everything through from start to finish. From the structure of a city down to the lighting, down to every detail, every screw, every format, everything just works!

    I hope that its not just Audiophiles, detailed photographers and minimalist architects that understand this vision, everyone should see it and understand what things should be like!

    This article was featured on my website here

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    The very first thing we should do with this universal media codec is to record some drums, so we can all march to the beat of the same drummer.
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    Honestly I've thought the same think for audio and video files for ages. So stupid.

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