A web browser worthy of Boxee and/or Front Row

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by tkambitsch, Jan 17, 2009.

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    Jul 11, 2008
    This is really a software question. I have a MBP connected to my Sony XBR. I also have just found ITAP, a wireless touchpad/keyboard app for the iPhone. I can now do everything from my couch using my phone.

    I find that running Boxee Alpha is pretty cool but it has no web browser for serious surfing. With ITAP you can type queries and URLs using the iPhone. This is way more functional than trying the Apple Remote. But Boxee only connects to selected resources.

    I also have been playing with Front Row and the Couch Server extensions. It gives me a way to surf and has calls into Safari but you can only use arrow keys to navigate. Typing is done by that lame pop-up alphabet. Way too slow. If you try to use a keyboard to type terms or urls Front Row just exits. Seems like a dead end for serious browsing.

    Even when you stay outside of Boxee or Front Row and try surfing from the couch 10 ft away, the experience is a challenge. At 1080 resolution the screen display fonts and icons found in normal browsers (i.e. Safari or Firefox) are way too small to read.

    Is there another browser to try? Any options to make surfing from the couch really workable?
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    Boxee/couch surfer/remote

    Not really helping but just to say I use couch surfer via ATV 2.3/Boxee patch .10 and the remote application on my touch to type everything in, so far works with google searching/url input/log ins/etc with no issues. Actually finding it excellent - I have set up many bookmarks on CS for quick access to specific web pages (sports results/snow reports/news) rather than heading off to computer - usually have quick look during ad break or at breakfast.

    ATV resolution is 720HD and TV is only 32 inch and agreed some of the text is small.

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