A1225 24" 2009 iMac power issue

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    So, I was given a non-functional 24" iMac A1225 and was told the power supply was bad. The person I got it from said it was diagnosed by geek squad. I decided to test things on my own and found out that none of the three diagnostic LEDs would light up when plugged in, so I went ahead and purchased a used working power supply (PA-3241-02A1). New power supply was installed and the first LED came on when plugged in. Progress!!? Unfortunately, that's all that happened. Nothing else happens when pressing the power button. No fans/noises. No other LED lights come on. I have tested the power switch and it is working fine.

    So, I went ahead and purchased another logic board. Swapped them out and no change. Still get LED #1 on, but nothing else. My thought is the second power supply is bad, but wanted to see if anyone has any suggestions on what else I should do before going through the process of returning the power supply for another. I have searched for a pinout to test voltages, but have not been able to find anything for the power supply I have (PA-3241-02A1).

    Also, do I need to completely reassemble the system to test it or should I be able to turn it on even without the LCD attached or logic board screws put back in just to see if it does turn on? Not sure if not having all screws back in would prevent it from powering on.

    I would appreciate any advice you can give.

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    Can anyone explain a way to actually test the power supply? This one has 2 rows of 6 pins (see link above for pic). I would love to be able to verify that the power supply is good/bad.


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