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Discussion in 'iPad' started by gobikerider, Oct 22, 2018.

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    I wanted to get the idea of the possible performance so I took the % differences between the A10 and A12 to get what essentially should be a baseline improvement for the iPad.

    Single Core: A10 vs A12 ~30% faster which equates to a ~5,000 Single Core for A12X vs A10X

    Multi Core: A10 vs A12 ~65% faster which equates to a ~15,300 Multi Core for A12X vs A10X

    Metal:I took a conservative 50% faster approach and expect ~45,000 Compute A12X vs A10X
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    There were some supposedly leaked Geekbench scores floating around a few months ago but I can't find them now. These seem pretty close to those leaks. I'm wondering if the smaller size will constrain the thermals/battery life. It seems like the A12 (non-X) in the phones prioritized heat/energy over performance, which makes sense since the A11 was so much faster than any competitors, and it has problems getting hot and throttling down quickly. I suspect the A12 in the XS & XR is much better at that.

    In the larger iPad, I'm hoping that Apple takes the breaks off and prioritizes speed.
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    All I want is power to also play some heavy Games in it.... an „all in one „
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    Can you expand on the throttling issue you’re describing for the A11?

    From what I’ve seen Apple’s A series can run several times longer than the closest Snapdragons before needing to throttle. Do you have a link to a test I can see? It’s been a while since I’ve looked.
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    Look at impressive Geekbench scores, and then think about what an Apple ARM CPU under a traditional heatsink and active fan could do!
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    It will be a good deal faster but we might need to adjust our expectations for two reasons:
    1. Both are rumored to be thinner, with one having a bigger display (more power) in the same body size, and another having the same display size in a much smaller body. Battery will be a concern, and is likely why they changed to squared off edges to fit more capacity.
    2. More RAM is rumored, and that means more power usage.
    So we might need to take this prediction and shave 10-20% off to be realistic. But they may have done some magic with power management and the lower power cores to have it even out. It could have high peak performance when needed.
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    I am worried about heat from the SoC too since it can damage the screen and digitizer
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    I think any increase is a great thing, with more power will come better apps for productivity and gaming, games such as Tropico are coming to the iPad later this year which too me is impressive considering it's a game that use to only be on the PC/Mac and console. Apart from games apps such as full Photoshop are also coming, i wonder if Apple will announce some of their own at the October event (Final Cut Pro, Logic), i think Apple needs to push this, add a better keyboard, Pencil attachment and then we will have a very capable laptop replacement.

    I'll be watching the keynote with interest, IF Apple can announce an improvement to the iPad Pro that can finally be a laptop replacement i may decide to go all in and not even bother buying a new MacBook. i have my fingers crossed for a few things:

    1 - full desktop apps like Photoshop (already confirmed for 2019 by Adobe)
    2 - a better keyboard/ASK that i can use for long writing sessions
    3 - better Pencil attachment and paring, maybe they will also increase battery life?
    4 - Face ID and for the 12.9" to be more portable would be great!

    I'm not asking for anything major here, i just want to see the iPad Pro be more of a laptop replacement, if that happens i may just keep an iMac for MacOS Mojave and use the new iPad Pro as my laptop replacement. Time will tell i guess.

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