A1312 LCD Temp Sensor; what transisor is used?

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    I bought an iMac 2009 but it is missing the LCD temp sensor. According to the pictures that I have seen it is a TO-29 Transistor looking component that is the LCD sensor. Does anyone know what is the transisor number so I can buy it from digikey or elsewhere?

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    SOLVED: A1312 LCD Temp Sensor; what resistor is used

    No answer here or anywhere so I ended up forking $20 on this. But to help others, here is are the numbers on transistors (and it can be bought from digikey for 19 cents ($0.19):


    Number that helped me find it on digikey was 2N3904. the right two legs are shorted. See the picture.

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    Thanks for taking one for the team on this. It's exactly the information I needed.

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