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Oct 5, 2013
Good morning community!!

I am wanting to apply a fresh coat of thermal paste on my A1502 MBP and after doing sone research am trying to confirm if the below statement stands correct or not before proceeding.

The die next to the CPU (Red X marked item on attached image) is an Intel PCH (Platform Controller Hub) which runs at much lower wattage/temperature and is a vital part of the computer’s operation.

It is very important NOT to apply thermal paste on the PCH die because the high temperatures from the CPU will spread to the PCH, causing it to overheat and kill the logic board.

So should the die next to the CPU be coated with thermal paste or not?




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Jul 30, 2003
Looking carefully at the picture, and at another picture or two elsewhere, shows that the PCH is not covered by the heat sink, so it would not accomplish anything by pasting that part of the chip.
So, in reference to your question about applying thermal paste to that smaller PCH chip: As it is not contacting the heat sink, I would say that you should not coat that PCH chip.
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