A2DP Range on Macbook is crappy..


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May 24, 2004
Has anyone tried A2DP on their macbooks yet? I've synced my S9s, and the sound is muffled with static (unlike when syncing to my phone), and the connection cuts off at 3 ft.
Is there anything I can do about this?


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Oct 30, 2007

I was looking forward to A2DP in leopard. I was forced to use the little dongle that came with my wireless headphones. So when I upgraded to leopard and tried A2DP out I was friggin devastated, lol....

ITS HORRIBLE! Im sitting right infront of my Imac and it pops in and out, and it only takes a few seconds for it to stop working completely. I am forced to use the dongle still cause leopard cannot power wireless bluetooth audio...greaaaat

My little cell phone can transmit clear audio to my headphones from 10 feet away...

great job leopard


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Sep 8, 2004
Salt Lake City, Utah
It's probably software related, let apple fix the quirk. . . Does A2DP work in vista?... I'm sure it does if you install bluesoleil software... try it on your mac. If it works in there, im sure apple can fix their a2dp software and give us an update.
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