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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by rsxmachine, Nov 1, 2011.

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    The Iphone has been out for years now and still there is no fix to this problem. If you use a2dp headset, all alerts other than a phone call come through a2dp, the problem is there is some sort of wake up delay so you miss the alert sound. This happens on all a2dp headsets that I know of connected to Iphone. Some sounds may make it through to the headset but not the default ones. Its the same issue when using Navigation software, you end up missing the first few words everytime. There has to be a fix for this, even if all apple needs to do is change the notifications so that they don't work through a2dp and work the same as phone calls. Does anyone know of a fix that I am missing?
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    No, I think this issue is inherent to the A2DP profile. A2DP was designed for "Streaming" audio, not alerts. Even HSP and HFP (the profiles used for phone calls) take a second or so to set up, you can see a call come in on the phone significantly before a Bluetooth device starts alerting.

    The best solution would be for the GPS app developer to add an (optional) "Attention Tone" about 1/2 second before each voice prompt. That would allow the Bluetooth connection to get established before the audio starts.
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    Thanks for the info. The real big problem is iphone alerts, apple needs to allow them to go through the phone speaker even if a2dp is connected, or modify the alert tones with a 1/2 second delay when a2dp is connected. I am sure there are a lot of ways to fix to this.

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