A6000 WiFi Transfer Compression?

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by 576316, Mar 27, 2015.

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    Hello! I recently picked up a Sony A6000 and I'm really loving this versatile, light weight camera. However, there is one thing I've noticed and I'm not sure if it's because I'm doing anything wrong. I love that I can use WiFi Transfer to instantly send photos to my phone and edit them via VSCO and have them shared, all less than 5 minutes. However, after getting home and looking at my Flickr uploads, my images look low res and there is even some visual artifacts making the images look incredibly compressed.

    The originals were shot in RAW with file sizes of about 29mb. I looked at the file size of the JPEG received by my phone after WiFi Transfer...289kb. That's an enormous compression. Even with 'transfer original' set in the PlayMemories app settings. Why does it compress files so much? Is this simply a limitation of WiFi Transfer?

    What am I doing wrong?

    Edit: After some testing and playing around, it seems the PlayMemories app deals with RAW files and JPEG files differently. If the original image is a RAW file, it seems to compress it down to a JPEG less than 1mb in size. If the original is a JPEG, you end up with a JPEG of about 3mb in size. Which is better, but it seems dumb to even use WiFi transfer if the app is gonna strip to much information from your files.

    It seems like, sadly, WiFi transfer may after all not be a tangible option for me. I don't want to share low res photos, it's beyond me that Sony would even allow PlayMemories to compress images so much. I'll probably have to wait until I get home, transfer the photos into Lightroom, export as JPEG, add to iPhone via Photos app, edit in VSCO on iPhone/iPad, share to Flickr/Instagram. Just means I won't have the connivance of being able to transfer and edit as I shoot. Shame.
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    What resolution? It would be very difficult to get a 24MP JPEG down to such a small file size.

    In any case, you should share to your phone at the size your sharing platform uses. For example for Facebook that would be 2048px on the long edge
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    That's just it. The A6000 doesn't attempt to send the RAW file. I think it just sends the embedded JPEG preview but will further compression added. Others on here seem to be having no problems with wifi transfer, why is this only happening to me?
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    Might I suggest the iPad Camera Connection kit - works great :)
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    Yes you may. :)

    After this experience, I don't think I'll be using wifi transfer again.

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