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Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by Uncle Humjaba, Jul 7, 2009.

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    Jul 7, 2009
    Hey all,

    So I use a couple of rechargeable Ni-MH batteries for my digital camera, and each battery is rated at 2500mAh. Or double what the iPhone 3G ships with. I want to know if anyone has used any AA battery pack products from anyone, and if so what their impressions are?

    There is a shop on Amazon that sells the Energizer Energi for $10 shipped. This has a slot for 2AA batteries (or 5000mAh).

    I got this iphone this weekend (gift from my uncle who just upgraded to the 3gs) and the battery life, after being jailbroken, is abysmal (7% left after maybe 10 hours off the charger, most of which it spent in my pocket), so a way to extend battery life would be awesome.
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    Jul 7, 2009
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    Jul 20, 2009
    I wouldn't recommend that charger. Here's my post from another thread:

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    I have had a Filo P3 for months, and it works great through its built in USB port. 2400 mAh NiMH AA batteries charge my iPhone 3G about 1 1/2 times. Haven't tried to use it as a AA battery charger yet, since I have a couple good smart chargers, but I'm sure it'll do in a pinch. Plus, why would you want a portable battery pack that only powers one device?

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    Dude, you bumped EXACTLY 48 hours after the OP. That is amazing. 8:44PM.

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