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Mar 9, 2011
I have been searching for days for a way to replace the QWERTY keyboard in iOS with an ABC alphabetical order keyboard without success. This option is not available in iOS and strangely enough no app exists to my knowledge in the app store (or Cydia).

My reason for the ABC keyboard is for utilization in an ACC text to speech app for a disabled friend. He currently uses a DynaVox that is ready to die and I believe an iPad loaded with an app such as Proloquo2go, TouchChat or Assistive Chat will be a better alternative for him. Problem is, these apps use the iPad's built in keyboard which is QWERTY. After 20 years of using his DynaVox configured with the ABC layout, he will be frustrated and non willing to learn the new letter positions on the QWERTY.

Can anyone help me with an ABC keyboard app I may have missed or a way I can get ahold of the right person at Apple to request this keyboard option in a future version of iOS?



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Aug 24, 2006
I had a look around and couldn't find anything - have you contact apple? They might know something/be able to help.


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Oct 21, 2009

I would try contacting a cydia developer and ask them I have to assume it will be easy to do this for you

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Jul 17, 2008

And I agree with poster above that you need to fnd a cydia dev to do this for you. ikeyex used to be user customizable, but it was never updated to work with 4.0. :(

Also, have you talked to your friend about learning the qwerty layout? If the iPad is a sufficient improvement over his older system, he might be willing to learn -- I know I would!

Oh, I just remembered, the Japanese "fifty key" keyboard has an abc lyout. However, all the function keys, like space and enter, are labeled in Japanese, so things might be confusing. Anyway, if you want to give it a try, when you first switch to that keyboard, all keys are Japanese. Tap the "abc" button on the left, and you get abc layout.
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Aug 22, 2014
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I just got this auto-responder for Good-Old Apple Support re this topic:

Thanks for participating in the Apple Support Communities.

We’ve removed your post why are we being pushed a restrictive keyboard configuration? because it contained either feedback or a feature request that was not constructive.

Here is what I asked...

The original purpose for the QWERTY keyboard layout was to "reduce the efficiency" of typists on manual keyboards. (Typewriters had flying mallets that used to interlock if you typed too fast.) Why then are we still using a system that, though it has become ubiquitous, it is DESIGNED to be INEFFECTIVE?

I am a wordsmith who was never "trained" (in school, to "learn" to type) on a keyboard: but I have been using a qwerty for decades. I am STILL a hunt-&-peck typist BECAUSE my mind sees the alphabet in a coherent way, NOT a qwerty one.

Why is Apple/Mac not considering the option of re-educating users to using a faster (proven) typing layout than the qwerty keyboard?

BTW, offering the option in keyboard layouts is not a difficult bit of macro software to produce. Why is it NOT being offered?

I saw a similar question (a user was looking to help his grandmother type) and those who answered the post rudely told him that his grandma should learn to type like they do. Is that why? Is it because a few insulting sods bullied others and told Apple/Mac that it was stupid (according to them) to be helpful and intelligent?

Kinda weird, to me, to CHOOSE to do things the hard way.

----- so, my question remains: is there a way to use an alphabetic layout with Mac?
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