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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by 2457244, Sep 13, 2015.

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    Jul 20, 2015
    More than 10 years ago when I visited the United States ( Iowa/Des Moines ) for the first time I got familiar with the Abercrombie & Fitch brand. Back in the days I didn't know anything about the brand, never heard about them or their hiring policy, models, bad publicity and whatnot. I just saw this fancy shop in the DSM mall and bought a few cloths of them. I really liked them, they where totally my style for some reason because I felt so comfy in them and nobody in my town had cloths of this brand which also was a plus. Especially the hoodies are comfy, made of solid/thick minimal two different materials, the jeans where always damn solid and had a good durability. I think I could run 2 or 3 years in A&F jeans without any problem while they only cost about 30,- more than the jeans I always bought from European brands/retailers and those never lasted longer than a single year before they went totally out of shape because of washing and drying.

    Because I liked their fashion so much I always searched for A&F stores when I visited North America after that first time because those cloths where very difficult to get in Europe and buying on eBay was 90% chance of buying fake gear straight out of China.
    A few months ago I went to Florida (Naples) for a few days and I noticed that some official A&F gear gets assembled or made in China. In the early days I never had any cloths labeled with Made in China. It always was, Guatemala, Cambodja, Mexico and all those countries more south I guess.

    Well first I didn't pay much attention to this fact because I knew I bought it from an official A&F store so it must be real gear but comparing the newer gear with older gear I bought I notice it feels less tick and often the cloths are made of 100% cotton or a single fabric while before it always was 60% - 40% to make it more stronger and increase the durability of the fashion a lot.

    Today I'm looking to oder online because they have a friendly shipping/import policy to European customers and I notice often they don't mention the fabric anymore at all + when you use the Zoom tool you can read the labels inside the hoodies and 98% of all the hoodies are made in China looks like it.

    Just curious what other people think of the A&F quality today compared to a few years ago?
    Do you guys buy at A&F and what are your opinions?

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    Abercrombie was cool in high school. For some reason, I primarily only see Asian men wearing their stuff now... I'm not sure why that is. If I remember back to my childhood their stuff was made in Shrilanka mostly. I haven't shopped there in probably 8 years or more- so I can't comment on the current quality.

    Looking at their website I think their prices went way down. That could mean quality too. They also seem to have a new marketing approach- less naked people- more people wearing clothes.
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    I've never heard of the brand, but if you think jeans that last 2-3 years is a sign of quality then you are delusional @Shmoo.
    I have clothes 4 times that at least.
    Also country of origin is not a sign of quality. Some places in China will have the best workers and quality control. Some won't. There's no way of knowing other than looking at the garment yourself.

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