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Dec 15, 2016
I work on music everyday in Ableton, previous macOS's never gave me any problems, all very stable.

Now that I switched over to my shiny new 15 inch 2016 MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, Ableton is constantly crashing. I'm on the latest version of everything, Ableton 9.7.1; and the 10.12.2 Sierra update didn't seem to help either.

I use legit software plugins and have the latest Sierra compatible versions (according to their websites anyway). I notice that in particular, iZotope plugins and T-RackS tend to crash my Ableton more. I get these crashes up to 20 times a day if I use those plugins, extremely frustrating.

I'm wondering if anyone else is using Ableton in Sierra, or on the new MacBook Pro, who are experiencing the same problems. I should probably add that so far everything else seems to be fine, the MBP itself doesn't seem to have any problems, I'm just getting crashes with Ableton.
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