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    Oct 6, 2005
    just received this email from Ableton. Intelmacs here ya go. :D

    Ableton Live 5.2 Brings Immediate Native Intel-Mac Support and an
    Additional Speed Increase Arrives in Q3 with Live 6.

    Ableton is pleased to announce Live 5.2, bringing native support for
    Apple’s new Intel-Macs. One of Ableton’s major development goals for
    2006 is to deliver faster audio performance to Live users. On the Mac
    side, this goal coincides nicely with the announcement of the new
    Intel-based Macs. The upcoming Live 5.2 is the first step in providing
    Live users support for the Intel-Mac platform and significant gains in
    audio performance.

    Live 5.2 will enter beta as soon as the new Intel Core Duo-equipped
    MacBook Pro is available, and expected to be released in February.
    Thanks to Live 5.2, early MacBook Pro buyers will be able to run Live
    immediately and enjoy substantially higher audio performance than on
    today's fastest Mac notebook.

    Live 6, scheduled for release in Q3, will bring—among other features yet
    to be disclosed—support for multicore/multiprocessor architectures, to
    the benefit of both Windows and Mac OS users. This feature will bring
    users of Intel Core Duo-equipped Macs another large increase in audio
    performance, and Windows users will be able to fully exploit the speedup
    potential of the various available multicore/multiprocessor hardware
    solutions the market offers.

    Pricing and availability

    Live 5.2 is expected to be available, as a download, in February 2006.

    Non Intel-Mac users: In addition to the new Intel-Mac support, Live 5.2
    will also be released as a free bug-fix update for users running Live 5
    on non-Intel Macs or Windows computers.

    Intel-Mac users: In light of development costs associated with porting
    Live to the Intel-Mac platform, users wishing to take advantage of the
    new Intel-Mac support can purchase a new serial number for 49 USD/39
    EUR. This additional fee will be fully refunded to those customers who
    buy the Live 6 upgrade, which is scheduled for release in Q3. Complete
    information on Live 6's specs, availability, and pricing will be made
    available this summer.

    Accommodation for recent buyers of Live 5: Users who purchased Live
    after Steve Jobs announced the release of the new Intel-Macs (January
    10, 2006) will receive the Intel-Mac support at no additional charge.

    To read more about Live 5.2, please go to

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