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Jan 26, 2020
Hi guys! Best regards from Portugal!

I need your help here:

I have an eletric car and I usualy leave it for charging on a public charger, which is about 800 meters away from my house (the only one and way to charge around, because I don't have a garage).
I can use a card on the charger card reader or a mobile app to initiate the charging, but, usualy, it gets an error (at some point during the charging) and so it must be restarted. It's a charger issue, not the car.
The problem is, when it happens, I'm already at home.. So, I must leave and go there (sometimes under the rain) to restart the charging!

Now you ask: Why don't you use the app to restart it?
Actually, I can do that, but only at a distance of less then 50 meters away from the charger... Don't know why.

Tired of this, I realised I could use my old iPhone 5 with a sim card on it, leave it in the car and access it by VNC Viewer every time the charging gets an error, and, from my house or any place, be able to restart the charging, by controling remotely the phone.

Accessing it by VNC works well inside a wifi network, but I can't figure out how to do it when it's connected to it's cellular carrier (which must be the case, because there's no wifi networks around..). I searched and tried a lot, but, when on cellular only, I just can't find out how to know the appropriate IP address to access it (I only can get the public one. I searched and tried some tools on Cydia to show the private IP address, but with no success. They didn't worked on this iOS version..).
So, I gave up on this method..

(BTW, it's a jailbroken iPhone 5 iOS 10.3.4, running Veency, for VNC connection)

Then, I tryed other way: faking the location of my phone, so the charging app thinks it's under the 50 meters distance.
For this, I installed the LocationHandle, changed the phone location to nearby the charging machine and, actually, inside the charging app, it presents that specific location on the map. BUT, when I try to restart the charging, for some reason it still knows I'm 800 meters away..

So, I'm still with no solutions, and must going there (800m each way) every time it gets a charging error..

Is there any tweak that can really fake the location, behond just showing it on the map, so the charging app thinks I am, in fact, on a given location?

Is there any way to remotely control an iPhone that's connected to it's cellular carrier?

I'd really appreciate any help on this!
Many thanks in advance!


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Feb 13, 2011
Baltimore, Maryland
The only Dynamic DNS iOS app I've ever heard of is "RealDNS" and I have NO idea if it works on cellular (or otherwise) with any of the Dynamic DNS services that are out there. You could get a free DDNS account at noip.com and buy the $3 app to give it a shot. Several have free versions, I think.

But that's what you'd need to be able to connect to the iPhone via IP. The phone tells the service where it is (IP address) and then the service directs calls to the domain name (something like drosa.ddnsserviceofyourchoice.com) down to the phone.


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Jul 13, 2008
Get a cheap android phone and you can emulate any location on it. I have done that for other things and it works flawlessly. The android phone is so cheap about 50 usd.


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Dec 7, 2019
not very straightforward, but you can fake your iphone's location, it using a mac and xcode, and running an (any) ios app in debug mode while connected to your mac.
search for 'xcode iphone location emulate'