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Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by rpaloalto, Feb 23, 2008.

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    I was thinking of getting a referb from they apple store. They have a mac pro quad 2.66 for $1,999.00 or a 3.0 for $2,299. Plenty of power for my needs. My only concern is that these models were first released in mid 2006. Is their a chance that the ones offered could be that old. Are apple referbs some times 1 1/2 year old computers that pervious owners, had to have replaced under apple warranty. I know that apple goes over any referb. With a fine tooth comb, before they leave. But I would sure hate to get a computer, from some previous user. Who was a hard core video editor. With hundreds of hours on the computer.
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    I was unaware that a computer is like a car; in that it wears down with use. Granted, hard drives, optical media, and flash media do wear down, but those are relatively inexpensive to replace-like a set of tires or dashboard light*-while the CPU and GPU remain as good as ever regardless of age (they'll just seem slower as technology progresses).

    I'm pretty sure that it'll be fine.

    *Okay, that was a car analogue. Sue me.
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    You aren't going to get a heavily-used machine. I think Apple refurbs are either DOA machines that were sent back and fixed, or computers that were sent back within the restocking time (typically 15 days, but not sure here). Either way, the Mac Pro models you mentioned have been in and out of stock in the refurb store many times in the past months. You should be fine.

    I bought a refurb 2.66 MP about a year ago and it has been flawless.
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    You'll be hard pushed to tell the difference between a refurb machine and a new machine (except for the box it ships in) as the machine will be in pristine condition. Honestly, try to forget WHY it's refurb and just enjoy what is essentially a new machine with a big discount. They even come with the same warranty as a new machine, so it's win-win :)
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    As others have said, don't sweat it -- it'll be as good as new. Good luck!

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