iPhone XS Max About OLED eyestrain

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Techmaestro, Oct 8, 2018.

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    I've seen a lot of discussion about this topic so when I came across this article I thought it would be helpful to share. Hopefully, the below information moves the discussion along supported by documentation.

    "The more subtle of the two discoveries comes from Tsing-Hua University. In testing an iPhone XS Max, it learnt Apple’s latest OLED displays are scientifically healthier for your eyes compared to Apple’s previous LCD-based models."

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    No mention in that article of PWM. Conveniently overlooked. Just blue light (everyone knows the XS has a yellower screen. And MPE? Who the hell has ever heard of MPE? By that metric even the XS "inflames the retina" in less than 6 minutes. WTH?
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    Well, I guess that I'm in the minority because my eyes definitely 100% disagree with this article. I noticed eye strain from using the Max and the only way it went away was to not use my phone. I returned it and have been using the 8+ again for over a week and no eye strain or headaches at all.
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    Obviously something is wrong, but often self diagnosis is a bad idea.

    It's possible it's the contrast. The contrast on these is extreme. With a black background the phone looks like it's off. I mean, really you can't tell the difference. Add to this, very bright icons (and everything else), and it could cause strain. I noticed it right away. The contrast is so great you look away.

    In other words,'brightness' is relative to the background. So effectively, the brightness on these is different altogether, particularly the edges of active things.
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    I don't think the majority of the people say that you should return the phone if it doesn't give you headache or causes you eye strain. Similarly I don't think there are many who suggest that you should keep the phone if it does.
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    The whole thing is confusing. I don't find comfort in the 'all or nothing' argument: either it's bad, or it isn't :D Maybe its just me, but that's not comforting (I want to be comfortable, apparently).

    A problem is that it's well known that flashing lights can cause reactions in certain people, which supports the 'all or nothing' argument. But by extension, that doesn't really explain what we have here. There's a whole group that say's it's bad, but can be much worse. So what's correct?

    I haven't experienced eye strain, yet, but I don't stare at the phone for long periods, and even if I did, would any discomfort be cause by PWM? Or is it just staring at a little phone?

    I'm getting long winded about this, because it's my health, and it is a concern.
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    I’ve been on the Max for a week and I’m not experiencing any eye strain yet.
    When I get a new phone/device I’m usually on it a lot so I’ll see if I feel a difference in a few months or so.
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    I don’t think it’s our eyes that pwm flicker is messing with. It’s our nervous system. Vision is not just about the eyes. It’s about the brain interpreting the signals it gets from the eyes. I haven’t read the article yet but I can see how it could be correct and still the OLED could be a bad proposition for some of us.
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    The x was really bad on eye strain, the max has been fine so far. I think the fact you don’t have to hold it as close, and the text is slightly larger, helps. Still prefer the 8+ though.
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    That reads like consumer product defense, because you own said consumer product.
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