MP 1,1-5,1 About R9 270x and 4K TV


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Oct 21, 2017
Hello and happy new year :)

I would like to know if someone has been in the same situation.

Recently I bought for my mother a RU7100 Samsung TV 43".
I discovered then 'the joys' of smart TV...
After many tests, I found out that the best to use is Serviio (to watch movies from mac to TV). But still, I want to make it simpler and then thought I might use the TV as second monitor to the mac pro.

She has a mac pro 5.1 and I bought her also a R9 270x card which I did not flash yet.
The card works perfectly, The TV is connected to HDMI ARC port (via HDMI 2.0 cable) and I also installed 2 kext files to have the sound over HDMI (thanks to h9826790), it works also flawlessly.

The only thing is that this card HDMI is 30hz. I find the movies (that is the main thing she will do - watch movies) a bit stuttered, when camera moves a lot. Is it really the refresh rate 30 hz that causes that?
I googled a lot and found out that the DP port can go up to 50 hz.

So my main question is - can somebody confirm that? And will 50 hz be enough for watching movies?
Second question - what adapter would you recommend DP->HDMI? I can't understand the difference between active and passive and I don't know which one is needed in that case.

I do not want to buy a more expensive card like the rx580 for now, because it means I will have to update the OS to High Sierra and my mother is on El Capitan and does not like much updates (some things in the system change, some software do not work anymore etc)...

Thanks a lot for your help!
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