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Jul 3, 2003
Which would I be better off with? A MessagePad 2100 or eMate 300 or none?

At the moment, I have a Palm m100 and hate it. I got it for free so I really have little reason to complain, but I only used it as an alarm clock to make sure I wake up for school during the school year. I was able to sync it with my iMac when it was still running MacOS 9 and its IR port was enabled, but that was a while ago. Graffiti wasn't all that great and drawing in the Note Pad wasn't very good either. It seemed like you needed a mid-level Palm to get anything done and would actually be something I'd carry around with me.

Right now, I've been looking at used and collectible Macs, and Newtons also came up in my search. I was trying to figure out where I'd use one. For one, I'd buy a network card (WiFi or wired) and make sure I sync it unlike my m100. But, I thought I had my iPod for my calendars and my contacts on my cell phone. Then, I also figured an eMate 300 could act as a second computer. I could type up essays on a small machine and send it to my Mac to print and things (unless there's a way to hook up directly to my printer without a computer in between!). I also figured I could use a Newton to go online for those quick searches, but I don't know how good web browsing is with a Newton.

Also, can someone point me to some good websites and communities of Newton and eMate users? I searched but haven't found anything that seems to be the supreme, comprehensive website. Maybe someone can pick out a few good ones? I know there is a strong Newton following, but as far as I can tell, they're invisible!

I would also like to look at a list of programs. Maybe there's one app that will convince me to get a Newton.


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Nov 24, 2002
Hmmm, that's a toughie; both are nice machines.

MessagePad 2100
- FAST (162Mhz ARM proc)
- Big screen
- 2 PCMCIA slots
- Supports external keyboard and NewtonWorks (like AppleWorks for the Newton. Spreadsheet & Word Processor.)
- Good for getting on the web using NewtScape (and another browser, forgot the name.)

- Separate keyboard (you'd have to find someone including it in a set, or buy it separately.)
- Won't fit in your pocket (at least, not without getting funny looks from people.)
- No headphone jack

- Built-in keyboard
- Comes with NewtonWorks
- Comfortable to use, almost the size of an iBook (white.)
- Headphone jack

- Slower than the 2100 (20Mhz ARM vs 162Mhz ARM)
- BIG, won't fit in your pocket
- Only 1 PCMCIA slot
- May have trouble doing internet. With only 1 PCMCIA slot you'll have to keep the browser on internal memory. You can't swap out cards on the fly without un-mounting them first

Like I said, they're both nice machines. Why not get both? :D

Other trouble I've had is syncing them with OS X. I've heard a lot of grumbling on the internet about people having issues with that; Newton Connection Utilities & Panther/Tiger not working, no ADB port (Newtons use ADB), etc.

Newtontalk.net is a good site for Newtons. There's a huge mailing list that you can join (free) where people regularly talk about the Newton. There's something like 70,000 people world-wide still using the Newton.

For software, there's unna.org, which is an archive of most of the software that was ever released for the Newton. I would also Google for "Newton software" or "Newton +software" and you should find a lot of links. There are still companies actively developing for the platform.

The Newton also supports: Bluetooth, WiFi, Ethernet, GPS and lots of other junk. Cool, huh? :cool: :D

Oh yeah, and check out the Newton FAQ: http://www.splorp.com/newton/faq/


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Jul 3, 2003
If my budget would allow both, I'd buy both. :cool:

But, I think I can only purchase one of them... :( But, I plan on eventually purchasing both. I finally scored a job so hopefully to money will come in quickly enough ;)

Still don't know which to buy right now. I found a Yahoo! Store that has an eMate 300, brand new, in a box with the AC adapter and battery, so I'm leaning towards an e-Mate for the moment.

Any recommendations for a USB Mac Serial Adapter? I can only find the Keyspan one that has two ports, but it retails $70+! I found a new one on Amazon.com for about $30, so I'll purchase that probably. Even though eBay may be cheaper, I won't be touching eBay until I have my own credit card.

Finally, will I have to purchase the Newton Connection Kit even if I were to get a completely new Newton still in its box?

And thanks for the links. They were helpful.
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