About to buy 1st Macbook (Questions...)

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by a.c.earley, Jan 16, 2008.

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    Jan 16, 2008
    Hi Guys - I am about to take the plunge and purchase my first mac. I look forward to a computer that actually works! Well, here is my 1st post......

    I have opted to go for the midrange white macbook (2.2Ghz, 120gb HD). My uses will be to rip dvds to itunes with Handbrake, store music & photos, browse net and some light gaming (pro evo 7 and some older games such as KOTOR etc. via bootcamp). Would have loved a MBP for better gaming but cannot justify the cost @ 1170 GBP! And after a couple of months wait for Macworld Expo, the Macbook Air is not for me.

    So, here is my plan (in GBP).
    Macbook with H.E. Discount (829.00) - 712.84 (14% discount)
    New Internal WD 320GB Drive - 119.99
    2 GB Memory from Crucial.com - 32.89
    External enclosure for removed 120gb drive - 10.29
    Total cost: 876.01

    I will be doing the upgrades myself as from what it read it should be simple :)

    So, here are my questions and then I plan to buy all this tomorrow. If anyone can answer them, then it will be very much appreciated.

    1. Can I use the 120gb SATA HD pulled from the mac, put it in a HD enclusre (DYNAMODE 2.5" SATA EXT ENCLOSURE USB2) and use this as backup HD for time machine? This will be good until I use more than 120GB in time machine and will then upgrade to a 320GB external or more...

    2. Is 2GB ram sufficient for the uses above i.e. the "sweet spot". Will I see a significant increase (i.e. greater than 25%) if I get 4gb, the cost is about 33.00 GBP extra? As, if necessary, the extra 2gb can be added later (and probably cheaper).

    3. I spoke to 2 different people at Apple today and they BOTH mentioned that by doing these upgrades will ruin any warranties (I was considering 3 years Apple Care for 58.00 which would then be useless). Yet, I have searched the forums on this and warranty will apparently be valid though NOT on the replaced parts (i.e. new HD and RAM). What is the bottom line please (in the UK at least)? Anybody have experience with this?

    4. Has anyone played Pro Evo 7, KOTOR or San Andreas on this, or a similar Macbook configuration? I know the likes of Oblivion is a no go. Not too much on the forums for this apart from some 3d mark 2003 scores for the X3100...

    5. Finally, has anyone seen any of the above cheaper?!

    Looking forward to any responses and of course, to start using Leopard & Front Row! Just spent 2 straight days researching :eek:

    Would have loved to have seen a 13" MBP with updated GPU instead of MBA @ the expo but not to be! There are rumours of updating the MBP in the next few days but I cannot wait anymore as my CPU sells on sunday!

    Cheers guys,
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    Aug 6, 2007
    I'd suggest that you have a larger external HDD than your internal. I.E. leave the 120 in the Mac and get a 500GB LaCie for £70ish. This allows for multiple TM backups, and it's cheaper storage. (also they're extremely sexy)
  3. a.c.earley thread starter macrumors newbie

    Jan 16, 2008
    Wow! That was quick. Thanks. I was thinking that 120GB as backup would be just a stopgap solution (and cheaper at 10 quid) though it could be better to give with 320gb internal and 500gb external (70 quid and lacie like you say). Probably just reading bad reviews (I mean who really can write so much psotive stuff about a HD- they just work!) but Lacie do not seem completly reliable. I looked at WD but they are a tad more expensive. What is your verdict though I agree, those F.A. Porsche Lacies are cool!

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